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FOX News
Jan 7, 2013 1:00pm PST
to either raise the debt ceiling, come up with a trillion dollars coin for the federal reserve, have a backstop to raise the debt ceiling but never address what got us to these gymnastics in the first place. why don't we? >> usually the reason that we don't is because that would solve problems but we also don't because the same people who keep making money because of the debt ceiling being upward when you have got to borrow money somebody is earning money. somebody is making money. and it certainly is not those individuals at the bottom of the barrel. >> neil: the reason why we are in the peckle we ar pickle we s because we keep printing money and spending money. do you think we a spending problem? >> i think we finance our government with the idea that we keep providing opportunity for the money managers, the money lenders, the money changers and it is kind of like billy holliday used to say, them that's got shall get. >> neil: don't play the same cold game and cater to them. >> we already made the decision we have to borrow. >> neil: stop like you tell an alcoholic put the glass do
FOX Business
Jan 6, 2013 10:00pm EST
to inflate the currency. the idea is to avoid the debt ceiling fight so if you use that as the basis to borrow the newo say you are solvent. anybody with the iq above broccoli should understand if you minted a clean that is utterly worthless other than you say so and that is the basis to borrow money, the only people crazier are those who let america barr wrote off the point*. gerri: people will stop believing your promises. not only the american people what to ge them down the road. >> the govnment cannot just keep giving things i wish we would replay this speech by president kennedy. he is a democrat but he clearly id as part of the vision ask not what to your couny can do for you b but what you can do for your country. we need to raise americans to believe their responsibility is what they can do for their country. not sit and see what can my country do for me? gerri: governor cut to me it is a pleasure. you can hear much more by tuning in to his show weekend's 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox news. more on the jobs report coming up. the new congress passes a bill approving $10 bill
Jan 7, 2013 6:00am PST
nonsense over the debt ceiling because you're just going to fold anyway, right? >> right. and that obama's being -- let's hope that he's going to hold to the nonnegotiating position. let's hope he's -- i don't know, threatens the trillion dollar coin or whatever he might do. >> stephanie: right. >> i love the trillion dollar coin. >> stephanie: me too. i would put your face on it if i had a choice. >> thank you. the hijinks people could have, you know, trying to rob the trillion dollar -- that's like three or four movies right there. >> pants pocket when i threw them -- >> stephanie: the other way to get republicans to vote for it is to put reagan on it. what's not great about that. you voted against the reagan coin? [ applause ] >> i like that. >> where would you keep it? >> stephanie: trillion dollar coin? >> stephanie: i don't know. >> bury it in the backyard? >> stephanie: what was the pierce brosnan movie where he played the art thief? >> "the thomas crown affair." >> bury it at the beach they'll find it there. >> stephanie: guys with the metal-detector. >> i got a $2 coin. >> i don't know. i guess ask somebody -- ask the stupidest person you know who put it away for you and they'll forget where it is. george w. bush, here, put
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3